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Spend a Day on the Lake!
Kuttawa Harbor Marina offers full and half day pontoon rentals. Interested in renting a boat for one of the busy holiday weekends? Make your reservations early!




Renter Responsible for Gas

 $100 Deposit Required on All Pontoon Rentals




 $275.00 Day (8 hrs)

 $225.00 Day (8 hrs)

 $175.00 Half Day (4 hrs)

 $150.00 Half Day (4 hrs)


 RESERVATIONS: 270.388.9563






JOHN BOAT (fishing boat) RENTAL


Spend a Day of Fishing!
Kuttawa Harbor Marina offers full and half day John Boat rentals (16 ft. with 8 and 15 hp motors).

Make your reservations early!




 JOHN BOAT (fishing boat) RENTAL

 Renter Responsible for Gas

 $100 Deposit Required on All Pontoon Rentals


 $75.00 Day (8 hrs)

 $50.00 Half Day (4 hrs)


 RESERVATIONS: 270.388.9563






Those less than 12 years of age: MAY NOT legally operate any motorized vessel over 10 horsepower (including personal watercraft).

Those 12 to 17 years of age: MAY legally operate a motorized vessel over 10 horsepower (including personal watercraft) only if they have passed an approved boating safety course and carry on board their boaters education certificate or are accompanied on board by a person 18 years old or older or by a person who posses a boater education card.


Kentucky's Online Boating
Safety Course & Boater Exam

A Safe Boating Test is required for anyone 12-17 years of age who operates a boat over 10 horsepower. This safety requirement ALSO APPLIES to PERSONAL WATER CRAFT.


Those 18 years of age or older: MAY operate any vessel on the waters of Kentucky without restriction.


Operators required to have a boater education certificate must carry it on board the vessel. These certificates are obtained by passing a boating safety course approved by the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources. REMEMBER! A parent, legal guardian or other adult who has direct supervision over a child under the age of 18 years is responsible if he or she knowingly allows the child to operate a vessel in violation of Kentucky law.


In the event of an accident or other boating emergency, call the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, Division of Law Enforcement's 24 Hour Emergency Number: 1.800.252.5378.


SITTING ON THE GUNWALE, BOW, SEAT BACKS, and any other area not designed for seating is risky behavior and can result in falling overboard. It is also illegal in many states. Kentucky Law states that it is unlawful to operate a watercraft in a reckless, negligent or dangerous manner including (but not limited to) allowing passengers to ride on a vessel in places where there may be a chance of falling.


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Kuttawa Harbor Marina

1709 Lake Barkley Drive, Kuttawa, KY 42055 • 270.388.9563

Overlooking Lake Barkley in the Heart of Old Kuttawa • Lake Barkley Mile Marker 42.2

For more information email:

Lake Barkley Tourist Information